An overview of the most important tax case law in the App: TaxandCases NL

Is it sometimes, as corporate tax consultant, difficult to keep up to date with legal precedents? Does professional literature keep accumulating? Use the App developed by VMW Taxand: App TaxandCases NL.

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TaxandCases NL gives you an overview of the most important tax rulings handed down over the past year with:  

• a summary of the judgment or decision,
• a Taxand Take with the implications of the judgment or decision, and
• where useful a decision matrix summarising the rule of law on which the judgment or decision was based. This decision matrix is also regularly included in advice given by VMW Taxand to clients.

TaxandCases NL comprises legal precedents with respect to 2011 in the area of
• Corporation tax
• Withholding taxes
• Transfer tax
• European law

New case law in 2012 will mean additional other taxes.

TaxandCases NL is a random selection of published tax case law and is, consequently, not an exhaustive overview of all legal precedents. Although the utmost care was taken in compiling the overview and the tips in the Taxand Take, we recommend that you contact VMW Taxand for advice on a factual situation.

TaxandCases NL is a Dutch-language App.

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